Auguste: Reverence for wisdom

Auguste Montessori School respects each child as an individual and commits to developing each as a child of the world. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and empowering environment to support the whole child: intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical. We practice an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) curriculum that is filled with joyful learning, opening the children to embrace the world with confidence and purpose. We work with the children to create a purposeful and beautiful community, where reverence for wisdom, joy, connectedness, honesty and integrity are manifest in all school activities.

Our Community
Our student body, ages 2-1/2 to 6 years old, is culturally, ethnically and racially diverse. Located in north Cleveland Park neighborhood. Auguste attracts students from a wide radius in northwest DC and Maryland neighborhoods. Founded in 1997 by our director Valerie O’Connor with a small group of parents, our vibrant community has grown to include many alumni. Many siblings and cousins attend together. Our Auguste alumni love to return regularly to work with the little ones in the classroom and participate in holiday events. We are proud of the bonds our families have forged with the school and with one another.


Every human is a work in progress. We continually seek progress toward these goals for all children:


Nurturing the Individual
  1. Development of each child according to individual needs and potentials.

  2. The attainment of self-discipline.

  3. The growth of independence and initiative.

  4. The development of skills through the child's own effort and interest.

  1. A love of work and joy in learning.

  2. Spontaneous creativity.

  3. Teaching-learning situations which are stimulated by child teaching child, and guided by the teacher's observation of the individual needs of the children.

  4. The absorption of impressions and concepts leading to the ability to abstract.


  1. The training of the child in those fundamental social qualities of good citizenship.
  2. the development of positive self-concepts and social relations, mutual aid and sharing.


  1. The development of movement and muscular control.



  1. The development of ethical behavior based on moral and spiritual values.

  3. An understanding of the environment and a sense of the contribution of all living things to each other, especially humankind's contributions through the ages.






Auguste is our director's passion and calling. Director Valerie O'Connor brings to the children an intellectual curiosity in both humanities and the sciences and brings to her staff team management experience.


All of our teachers and assistants are AMI-certified and continue to augment our training through summer study and AMI continuing education. We encourage professional development not only in child development and learning but also art, nutrition, and other curricula that help us support the whole child. We are committed to working as a team that builds on our staff's many and varied talents.


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