Auguste Montessori School



Graduates 2017


In may 2009, our first class graduated from high school. Three out of four were in contact with Ms. O'Connor and came to Auguste's graduation.


Our alumni have returned to visit and work with us through the years.


Some of the schools our alumni attend:

Private: Holton Arms St. Albans
  Holy Cross St. Johns
  Maret St. Patricks
Public: DC Maryland
  Janney Bethesda
  Lafayette Bradley Hills
  Murch Chevy Chase
Colleges: Princeton University of Chicago

Alumni News

Thank you to all of our grads who came to visit and teach this last year:


Aidan G., Daniela G., Paloma B., Luca S., Max O., Owen O., Ethan S., Joshua S., Emilia M., Caleb T., Alex J., Sophie W., Natalie W., Ben S., Sophie S., Maddie R., Colin R., Rohan P., Shonali P., Shokhan W., Sophie R., Truett C., Ava B., Mackie C, Sebastian G., Luca G., Ella G, Bea G., Jack B., Coco B.,



Ms. O'Connor with Auguste Graduate



It has been a wonderful year! It is so special to witness the transformation involved during these early years.


We will be celebrating our graduates and all those who are moving on to new places in the world or new schools.


Everyday, I thank my mom for getting me to go back to grad school to become a Montessori teacher. Now I know why: she knew I might learn a thing or two from my students. I am amazed by what these little ones teach me on a daily basis: there is always brilliance in the unknown and joy in washing and scrubbing a vegetable, no person is an absolute, and all are miracles. Life would be difficult without reading and music! Thank you for being a part of that!


Silent Cheers to you all and to all our little ones!